ZGS Presents: JanAid

All our fans who folowed Bassmaster2010 competition noticed fantastic unique custom made bass owned and played by winner Vincenzo Maurogiovanni. After the competition there was a lot of questions about this instrument.

So, for you bass lovers out there, here is info about JanAid guitars from Sevilla, Spain.

Each of their instruments are built at hand, retaining traditional building techniques with the most innovative technology. Woods are quite unique and selected at source: roots of maple, buckeye, myrtle, olive, walnut, redwood and others, pickup from around the world to create unique instruments, unrepeatable. Each instrument has its own thickness and layers, so take advantage of different woods. What JanAid achived is that you feel a piece of nature in your hands.

We contacted founder of JanAid, Javier López, and ask him few questions about his work.

ZGS: Javier, when you start to build instruments?

JanAid: I’ve started about ten years ago, at first, to repair basses. I was a pro bass player (Pedro sierra, Chico Castillo, Marina Heredia, Santiago Lara…) and after that I started build my own basses

ZGS: You work with some very exotic wood. How do you get such wood?

JanAid: I have many friends around the world and buy the best woods from all around. I’m choosing the best lumbers from the natives.

ZGS: The pickups are also special? Do you ever use ‘normal’ pickups if customer want that?

JanAid: I build and use my own pickups, because my JanAid sound is also there, but I can change the pickup configuration and cover shape.

ZGS: How many basses did you make so far?

JanAid: I’ve made a lot of basses, and now my business is increasing a lot, cause I took a lot of orders from Italy and US. But, I’m an artist and I don’t like to work on many basses at the same time. I have to take the maximum care about each one.

ZGS: What are the main artists using your basses?

JanAid: I have to say that the most important thing is that I want to make good basses also for unknown people. But, ok, my main player is Viz Maurogiovanni, my first and only endorser and one of the world’s best players I’ve ever heard(!). There is also Bob Abbot from USA, Stewart McKinsey and many, many others…

ZGS: If someone from, let’s say, Croatia want to have your bass what is ‘the procedure’?

JanAid: Well, I can take orders from all the world. Anyone could write me an email and show his playing style, because I want to build a bass for that playing style. Then, I usually publish some lumber pics and suggests the perfect wood match… Anyway I will be in Croatia soon with Viz Maurogiovanni to show my basses and do clinics about my bass building process. If someone want to contact me my email is: janaidguitars@hotmail.com, or you could check my website: www.janaidguitars.com.

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